A Day In The Life Of A Successful Date Coach

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I thought it would be fun to share with you exactly what my days looked like for those 10 years I was a Dating Coach.

I would wake at a reasonable time, saunter over to the kitchen, make myself some tea or coffee and flip through a book or magazine. Still in my jams, I would head to my home office and start my day by catching up on emails. I would then work on content for some of my online products or coaching programs. Depending on the day, it could be prepping for an upcoming teleseminar, editing some text on my website or doing some online research. I would brainstorm some ideas around blog posts based on what my current clients were struggling with and work with one of my VA’s to get those completed and live on the site.

Time for lunch! Since I worked at home, it was whatever was in the fridge and I’d do my best to keep it (somewhat) healthy. I’d always enjoy a relaxing coffee after lunch before gearing up to do about 1 hour of online work.

Late afternoon is not a productive time for me so I usually scheduled either a walk, bike ride or trip to the gym. For years I tried to make myself productive at that time but realized, I’m best book-ending my days with productivity.

I primarily met with clients after 5pm at coffee shops downtown, or we would choose a central spot. I was always very conscientious to choose a location that had lots of white noise so our conversation could be private.

Sometimes in the later evenings, I would speak at events. Topics would include flirting, first dates and online dating profiles. I would custom fit topics depending on the audience.

The nights I wasn’t working were spent however I chose! That’s the beautiful thing about running your own business, you can choose your own hours. Sometimes I would stay in and read and cook and other times, I’d go to a relaxing yoga class.

Then, yes, sometimes I would get those creative bursts later in the evenings (hello 11pm!), and I would write out ideas or goals or finally finish something I was procrastinating on. Again, my business, my choice!

Oh right, weekends! Well, they were always of my choosing. If I wanted to work, I could. If I wanted to take an entire weekend off and unplug, I could. With coaching, your clients don’t expect you to be working on weekends, unless they have a pre-booked call with you. For responding to emails, I generally followed a 9-5 schedule - it never appealed to me to be available 24/7 for my business. I think if I was running an event company or offered some service like emergency furnace repair, then yes, I would never be able to turn off. For coaching, I completed business growth tasks during the day and met with clients in the early evenings on set days, ie, not Friday!

Each night, I’d rest easy knowing that I was really making a difference in the world and doing my bit to help others find love. I know the process of finding love can be frustrating and overwhelming so helping to put some fun back into people’s lives in this area was super rewarding.



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