hart coaching academy graduates have been FEATURED IN

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"The advantage of being an HCA graduate is showing prospects I have invested in this training and it aids in my credibility as a coach."



- Denise Christopher

"Christine goes the extra mile to provide opportunities for all HCA graduates."



- Deanna Cobden

"Christine, a top industry expert, has designed a practical course with everything you need to know."


- Terran Shea

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"I'm so grateful that Christine has taught me everything she knows!"



- Natalia Juarez

"I would definitely recommend the Hart Coaching Academy. What's great about Christine, is that she guides you through your individual path to make sure you walk away with a coaching practice unique to you."



- Valerie Watts

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"What I like about being an HCA graduate is that it offers some form of credibility, showing people that we have invested into training for ourselves."


- Chante Salick