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"The advantage of being an HCA graduate is showing prospects I have invested in this training and it aids in my credibility as a coach."

- Denise Christopher

"Christine goes the extra mile to provide opportunities for all HCA graduates."

- Deanna Cobden

"Christine, a top industry expert, has designed a practical course with everything you need to know."

- Terran Shea

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"I'm so grateful that Christine has taught me everything she knows!"

- Natalia Juarez

"I would definitely recommend the Hart Coaching Academy. What's great about Christine, is that she guides you through your individual path to make sure you walk away with a coaching practice unique to you."

- Valerie Watts

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"What I like about being an HCA graduate is that it offers some form of credibility, showing people that we have invested into training for ourselves."

- Chante Salick


"The Hart Coaching Academy program is awesome and I will be using a lot of it in my programs I am developing. I liked having all the materials at my finger tips to review whenever I want, and also the one on one coaching with Christine! " -

Marla Martenson

Certified Date Coach, HCA Graduate + Matchmaker


"I am so excited about the next 9 months. As someone mentioned to me Saturday at the Speed Dating Event, "your services are needed here in Charlotte". I want to have a positive impact and empower singles when it comes to dating. This certification class was very informative and allowed me to expound on my vision and elevate it to a higher level. I so appreciate you."


Sharon Smith

Certified Date Coach, HCA Graduate


"My favourite part of my training with Hart Coaching Academy would have to be the fundamental coaching skills. Many courses teach you about marketing and skim over the rest with basic coaching theory. Not many actually teach you the techniques, the practical side of coaching. I loved that Christine really broke it down step by step for me. I'm a much better dating and relationships coach because of it. " -

Iona Yeung

Certified Date Coach, HCA Graduate


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