Why We Need More Date Coaches Now, More Than Ever Before

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There was a time where all we really needed to do to meet our partner was go to a local dance or church service. We were even open to our parents setting us up. Making a choice from multiple suitors really wasn’t how things worked. You met a limited amount of people in your early life and then settled with the one that you liked the best. Expectations were kept in check and really what most wanted was a happy home and family, with food on the table and some money left over for a few vacations.

Fast forward to modern day and boy, have things changed.

Now, it is not uncommon to schedule two online dates in one day. Or go to a speed-dating and meet 12 suitors in one evening. It’s not uncommon to go on three dates with someone you met online and then decide, meh, and never see them again. The chances of running into them again and things being potentially uncomfortable are a lot less than they once were.

I would love to say that things have gotten easier, but they haven’t. And younger generations are experiencing a flood of “we’re together, but I don’t really know if we are together - type” relationships.

As a dating coach, you get to change this rather than just accept it as a sign of the times. You get to work with people to help guide them back to their heart’s desire and be true to themselves. You can help them no longer accept substandard treatment from either gender. You can help them distinguish between what they “think they want” and “what they actually need” to feel fulfilled in a relationship. I believe those who desire a serious, healthy, long term relationship will naturally meet others who do too, even if along the way they need to wade through a mountain of people who don’t.

Another reason we need more date coaches is, the divorce rate. Now, more than ever we have people coming out of long term marriages without a clue on how modern dating works. In some worst-case scenarios, they are scammed of their lifetime savings through being “love-bombed” by an online dating scammer. It’s scary how often this happens and the additional issue is there are likely thousands more out there who have been victim to online scams but are too embarrassed to report or share it.

On the less extreme side, people are needing guidance on what dating sites to be on, where to go and what to do on a first date, when to become intimate or even to help identify when they are ready to date again after a divorce.

These are just some of the reasons we need more dating coaches today than ever before. I’m sure you can think of more!



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