Top Traits Women Look For In a Man


Listen up guys, I've talked with thousands of single women and what I have found is maybe not what you assumed. There seems to be this myth out there that women are looking for wallets, fast cars and Chippendale physiques. Yes, there's a fantasy thrill seeker in most females just like there is a librarian or nurse fantasy in most males. In our real lives, there are certain male traits women look for. Confidence: We like it when guys are confident yet modest. We want to hear about your successes in life but we don?t want you to brag about them.

Security: We like guys who are secure. No, this doesn?t exclusively mean financially. It appears more in a sense of goals, initiative, responsibility and direction. Tell us about your passions and some of the dreams you are working to come true in the future.

Humor: We love good humor. If you can make us laugh, that is a great thing. Humor should show self-esteem and confidence. We like to be teased in a fun and nice way. We don?t like self-deprecating humor though so be careful not to poke too much fun at yourself - it's a turn-off.

Well Groomed: We need to have a sense that you look after yourself physically. No, you don't have to be in perfect shape but if you take interest in physical activity other than walking to the beer store, we like that. We look for good teeth, fresh breath and unchapped lips. We don't want you to spend more time in the bathroom than we do though.

Good Values: Respect for your friends, family and even strangers is really attractive. There's nothing worse than being on a date with a guy who is rude to the waiter or rude to your friends. Women need to be respected, as men do and we tune into how we feel around men. If we don't feel respected, we're out.

Chivalry: Ah yes, the art is still alive. And I know, we have not exactly made it easy for men to figure out if we like it or not. What I can say is keep things simple because we love it, though we won't always admit it. So open the door for us or if we?re in a dress and it?s cold, offer us your jacket.

Combine your true nature with the above tips and you'll really see an improvement in your dating life.

To your authenticity,

Love, Christine

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