No, You Are Not A Loser For Being Single On New Year's Eve


Recently, I had a discussion about being single on New Year's Eve and I was surprised at how hard people were on themselves. These are some of the key questions that came up. So why do people think it's so important to not be single on New Year’s Eve? Why does it seem like a really a big deal?

Christine: It’s a bigger deal in our head than it is in reality. We somehow think we are going to be the only single person on the planet at midnight. We picture ourselves standing alone among a room full of blissfully happy couples. It doesn't represent reality though - there are tons of singles out there on NYE.

Do you think it's a bigger deal for men or women?

Christine: Yes, from the conversations I've had with men over the years, they really don't put a lot of weight into whether or not they are single on NYE.

Is it cool to do a regular date on New Year’s instead? If so, can you recommend a few ideas?

Christine: Sure, having a regular date on New Year’s is a great idea. You can easily avoid event and taxi fees by staying at home. Cook a really nice, decadent meal. Turn your living room into your bedroom by moving your mattress. Watch movies. Be cozy.

How can anyone feeling bummed feel better about themselves?

Christine: New Year's Eve is about new beginnings and clearing the slate. Spend time thinking about all the good things that happened this year and all the good things you are going to create next year. Get together with single friends, even if it's just one! Don't put yourself in an environment you actually don't want to be in. It's something I see all the time - if you don't want to go to that big, loud NYE party, than don't. There are plenty of yoga or meditation events happening on NYE too.

Do you recommend those "single parties" or should we all be together?

Christine: Ask yourself what YOU want to do, regardless of being single or not. If you’re in the mood for a big single’s party, than go! If you want to meet up with friends, do that. If you want a quiet night in, then that is exactly what you should do.

What one piece of advice would you give to single people on New Years to have fun when surrounded by kissy couples?

Christine: Position yourself wisely. At least be standing next to someone you can hug or kiss on the cheek. If it's 11:55pm and you are surrounded by couples, excuse yourself and find a new group, even if it's temporarily. Keep it light, keep it fun, suggest group hugging at midnight. You always have the option to slip to the washroom and emerge again at 12:05 but really, there is always someone to at least smooch on the cheek.

To your authenticity,

Love, Christine

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