Give The Gift Of (Sex Toy) Love


Wondering what to give your sweetie for Valentine’s Day? I’ve got some ideas for you.

Companies that provide sex toys are getting more and more focused on convenience and variety when marketing their products.

One such company is, Through a subscription-based service, you receive monthly romantic surprises delivered right to your door. They include an assortment of Intimate Toys, Massage Oils, Sexy Lingerie, Romantic Fragrances and more! Shipping is Free and Discreet.

The ladies at Spicy Subscriptions recently sent me a sample box and it was so fun to get this very discreet package in the mail. Is this how boys have been receiving their nudey magazines all these years?! J

Upon opening the black, glossy box, I found pink tissue paper and a personalized note to me describing what I would find inside.

The fun begins with some Kissable Body Drizzle that smells just like you’ve walked into a cupcake bakery, yum. And then there was a Warming Body Massager which I think is a really cool idea – you heat it up in the microwave and voila, it glides smoothly over your whole body for a heated up massage. They promised me there would be a surprise from the 50 Shades book and it was the Ben Wa Balls you may have been hearing about. For a full description on these, you can visit their very helpful blog. The other things you’ll find in this particular box are various lubes, massage oils and even a “position of the month” card!

I think this is a fun way to keep things spicy and be surprised every single month with a new gift box!

Another company I recently heard about is focused on delivering specific items to your door within 1 hour. Think of dial-a-bottle but for sex toys. You can go online at any hour of the day and order your sex toys to be discreetly delivered: Some of their busiest delivery times are Saturday afternoons once the kids have gone over to their friend’s place. Interesting!

So whether you’d like a fun, hand-picked, tissue wrapped gift delivered to your door once a month or it’s Saturday afternoon and you’d like to try a new gadget…now, there’s something for everyone.

And if you and your partner are just warming up to the idea of sex toys, I encourage you to read a recent blog post of mine.  Lots of good tips in there!

To your authenticity,

Love, Christine

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