Ask the Expert: Moving a Double Date to a Single Date


Question:With still learning this whole dating thing I find it hard sometimes to figure potential 'dates' out. Recently I was introduced to very nice guy who I think we liked each other after that first meeting. It was going to be a hand shake good night, but plans changed and it turned into a ?hug and here?s my number and call? me from him. Contact has been made very briefly here and there and there has been a 'second double date' but not really sure what he thinks. I would like to get to know him more, and wind up on a single date, but don't want to push too hard. Want to give him a chance to contact me but find it very hard not to be the first to make contact all the time. We do have plans of meeting for lunch, but when I'm not sure as it looks like he works out of the office a little more than first thought. I think he is a true gentlemen and I'm not sure what to do here.

Sincerely, DW

Answer: Dear DW,

I can see why you might be a bit confused. Looking at the facts: He gave you his number, you called him, there was a second double date and a mention of lunch together. Men will never give you their number if they are not interested. It is often a way for them to gauge if you are interested in them. It really doesn't matter where someone works, they always need to have lunch so try not to imagine the reasons you haven't heard from him. You should go with your instinct of letting him contact you, especially if you feel you have been clear on wanting to join him for lunch sometime. You may need one more 'double date' scenario if you feel there has been any miscommunication and when it happens, make it your goal to send some clear signals that evening without appearing overly available. Perhaps your friend can set up afterwork drinks for the 4 of you? This will be prime opportunity to follow-up on the lunch date idea.

To your authenticity,

Love, Christine

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