How Do Men Know If They Want to Marry You?


So you’ve been dating a guy for quite some time and you sense things could be shifting toward something more serious….like marriage. You are pretty clear on the reasons why you’d like to marry him but how does he decide? What sort of thought process does he go through to decide if he’d like to propose? Well, I asked the same question to hundreds of men and here are some of the reasons they'll know they want to marry you (I’ll share more another time) they told me: 1) He likes her and feels liked by her.

I know this may seem so obvious but you would be amazed at how many people marry someone they don’t genuinely, fully and deeply like. When he likes you, it means he is just naturally charmed by you – no effort. And when a man feels ‘liked’ by you, it gives him the freedom to completely be himself around you. He can picture being married to you but still having the freedom to just be himself.

2) Importance’s are honored

Things that are important to him are honored even if they are not important to you. The fact that it’s important to him is enough. So for instance, you could dislike watching sports but the two of you find a way to snuggle on the couch (maybe you even wear silencing headphones while reading a magazine!) and eat popcorn from the same bowl. You make an effort to meet him in the middle rather than giving him a hard time about it. He will, in turn do the same for you and the things that are important to you.

3) He sees a joint future with her that he wants

Men often arrive in the relationship having an idea of where he wants his life to go and he’s looking to clearly see that who the two of you are together, really does work. He’s looking at whether or not you include him in your life or does he consistently feel like an outsider? Does he feel like you share on a much deeper level with your friends, co-workers and family members?

It’s been said to me by one particular gentleman, “Men marry the woman who already feels like their wife”.

To your authenticity,

Love, Christine

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