Decorating for Dating


Yes, it's true, the way you decorate your home can determine the success of your dating life. I think it's high time we look at some of the horrific decorating crimes that are being committed and do our best to turn things around. I guarantee if you follow some of these "decorating for dating" rules, you'll see some changes in your dating life! Okay Men, let's talk. Look around your place and answer the following questions:

1)Is my bathroom clean? And by clean, I mean germ and hair free? 2)Is my decorating based on the 'guy stuff everywhere' theory? 3)Is there anything beyond take-out condiments in my fridge?

If you've answered yes to more than 2 of the above, here is some advice. It may sound unfair but a woman will judge your bathroom when she's at your place for a date. We do look behind the door, on the floor and at the various products on the counter. Before you have someone over, take the time to clean up a bit, put away anything that you don't use on a daily basis and make sure you have a full roll of toilet paper and a clean hand towel. An extra spicy addition is a small (safe) candle - we love that! Oh, and puhleeeeeese hide the porn. We know you have it, we just don't need to see it.

When inviting a girl over, think about the first room she is going to see. If it's your TV room, make sure you aren't using milk crates as tv stands or beer can collections as decorations. Take some time to place some conversation pieces around the room, like maybe a photo from a recent trip or your favorite new book. Also, remember that women tend to get colder quicker so if you can adjust the heat levels (on the furnace dials!) or place a throw blanket on the couch - we really appreciate it.

Finally, peruse your cupboards and fridge. Have some snack type things like dips and crackers or chocolate from the specialty store up the street. Have at least one bottle of wine on hand. Clear out all those expired condiments. Do a quick wipe of the fridge in case we offer to get you another cool one, wink wink.

Now Ladies, it's your turn and you'll be surprised to hear your love palace may not be as inviting as you thought. Same exercise, look around your place and answer the following questions:

1)Does my place smell like a perfume factory with copious amounts of room sprays, candles and potpourri? 2)Is Girly-frilly-frill-frill my main decorating theme? 3)Do I have my self-help books and pictures of ex-boyfriends on my shelves?

It's okay if you answered yes to many of the above or all of them. Guys like that your apartment smells different than theirs but they don't like to be overpowered by it. It makes them feel uneasy and sometimes even queasy. So cut back a bit. Open up your windows and put away all smelly stuff except for the odd candle here and there. It doesn't even have to be a smelly candle - guys like the smell of plain burning candles.

We all love girly stuff but when a guy comes over and sees it, he's only going to think one thing - "this reminds me of trips to Grandma's house where I wasn't allowed to touch anything." So in an effort to avoid this childhood flashback, remove some of the breakables and decorative pillows. Guys will feel more comfortable sitting down and easing into conversation.

Take a good look at your bookshelf. No I mean a goooood look. If your romance titles outnumber your travel books, take some out. Dr. Phil has to go, for now. And anything related to relationship repair is a no-no. This isn't a permanent move but just another effort not to air all your laundry before you really get to know someone. A bookshelf is the first place many people go to get to know you. And those pictures of you and the girls at that staguette in Las Vegas with Hans from Germany? Put 'em in your drawer.

General rule of thumb for both ladies and men is just think about the comfort level of the other person. What will they need? What would they appreciate? Then relax and have a great night!

To your authenticity,

Love, Christine

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