When We say Dress to Impress, We Don't Mean for Him


A tiny bit more care in appearance can have a huge impact in your dating life. The reason is that your body language and confidence changes when you wear clothes you feel more attractive in. This in turn increases your approachability because you are smiling more. Read on to learn about the importance of "dress to impress" when dating. You should dress however you want BUT not if it's in defiance. If you truly and authentically feel super confident and beautiful when you leave your home than wear THAT EXACT OUTFIT! It's when women start dressing in defiance, and almost dare men to be attracted despite not taking care of themselves that I have a problem with. The reverse would be if a guy just said I'm going to only wear my big grey sweatpants and bad tshirts all the time and then get mad that women don't think I'm attractive. Each gender needs to give a little BUT don't dress for the opposite sex, dress to make yourself feel good.

There is a potential theory dressing in certain ways  can make women less-approachable. Specifically, high-fashion, man-repelling outfits can cause a man to think "how am I going to handle that?". However, the problem is women forget the most important accessory, a Smile! Go for the high-fashion stuff if you are still being a considerate, approachable woman. What I know for sure is that men are attracted to femininity. However, femininity exists in many forms. For some men, it's the MadMen look, for other men, it's the summer dress, still for others it's Lulu's on a Saturday. Feminine beauty in it's truest form is very calming and soothing to men because they take in such an enormous amount of information visually. I've actually heard men say, "of all the beauties in the world, be it lakes, mountains, sunsets, nothing beats the female form". Whenever men describe who they are looking for to me, there is always an element of wanting a feminine woman to balance out their masculine ways. But again, for some men it exists in the wacky ensemble form so if you feel beautiful in that, do it.

Men also have the challenge of presenting themselves with the clothes they choose as well. What I've recommended to a lot of men is to call ahead to a particular store and book an appointment with an in-store stylist that will help them learn the difference between what looks okay and what looks amazing. To see a man come out of the change room in something that he feels amazing in is just fantastic. His entire body language changes. Also, to men, remember that women are easily grossed out so pay more attention to basic grooming. We love the fresh shower smell and clean breath. Figure what you can do (ie, breath spray and deoderant in your bag) if you're in a rush before meeting up with a girl.

To your authenticity,

Love, Christine

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