Ask the Expert: Should I Call Him to Thank Him For the Date?


Question:Dear Christine, I've got a question about the follow up call. More specifically, should I call him as the woman in this situation?

Follow up call, does that apply for females as well - when is it appropriate to call if you had a great first date and he hasn't called? Should I call?

Signed, When Do I Call?

Answer: Dear WDIC,

I've asked quite a number of men about this and the most common response is that you do not need to call them to thank them. They would rather you make it very clear during or at the end of the date that you had a good time and would like to see them again. This creates the window for men to feel comfortable and excited about calling to ask you out again. Focus on the close of the first date to increase the likelihood of a second date.

If, the next day, you feel like you may have been too nervous when saying goodbye, then send them a very quick text in the morning. Something light, such as: "Thank you again for treating me to such a delicious dinner. I really enjoyed myself. I hope you have a good day today".

But again, the text is not to be in addition to "thank you" the night before. It's only if you neglected to make it pretty clear it's a green light if he wants to ask you out again.

To your authenticity,

Love, Christine

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