What have you said “Never Again” to?


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So I joined the gym this week. This was something I was avoiding…out of principal. You see, the last time I was a member of a gym, they went out of business and took over $400 of my money with them. I said to myself, never again, there’s no way I’m ever giving money to a gym again. All of them are notorious for ripping you off”. So for the last year, I wouldn’t commit to anything more than a 10-card pass for CrossFit or, in the case of the yoga studio I go to, a one year membership where I knew the end date and it was clearly stated in the contract.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine was going for an appointment to sign up for a gym and my last words to her were, “pay cash, don’t give them any payment information!”. She laughed, probably not knowing how committed I was to my principal.

Then the day came when she and I decided to be fitness accountability partners. Uh oh, how was I going to do this? How was I going to actually avoid the gym and still be her partner? My first thoughts were,” I would just keep buying my 10-passes and exercise outside. But winter is on it’s way and as much as I used to love winter running, it’s a different climate here in the east then when I lived in Alberta.  Plus, was I really going to be her partner and then just exercise by myself?”

So I picked up the phone…

“It’s a wonderful day at Good Life, how can I help you?”

(oh gawd, really, I can’t turn back now)

Me: I was wondering if you have any appointments for tonight. I’d like to…..sign up for a membership.

Her: (super friendly) Sure, how about 7:30pm?

(maybe part of me was hoping they wouldn’t have a time slot and I could have more time to think about it)

Me: (hesitating) Yes, thanks, I’ll see you then.

I got off the phone and the funny thing is, I thought “well, when I sit down with the membership guy, I’ll strike a deal, maybe even play hard ball. We’ll find a way for me to re-coup the funds I lost from the last gym”

When I arrived, Shane greeted me, told me his own fitness story and took me on a tour. He had clearly done this over 1000 times and I wondered if he could walk the tour in his sleep. My brain started to tell me I shouldn’t sign up because he was too “salesy”. But….really Christine? What if he just likes his job and it shows. Stop looking for excuses! J

So when we sat down and he had me start filling out the membership form, my little “never again! Never again!” voice came up and I outright asked him “so what can we do about the price of membership. Are there different prices?” Shane has also likely been asked this 1000 times so he respectfully said, “the price is the same for everyone but I can give you your first month free”.

Sigh…okay. I got to the part of the form where they needed banking information. Big, huge gulp and I wrote out my numbers.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah, went my brain.

I looked at my friend who had come with me and I knew that the fact we were now going to be able to go the gym regularly outweighed my “never again’s”. And at the end of the day, my investment in my health was a good one... even though I may only admit it here. :)


Think of the things in your life that you’ve said “NEVER AGAIN” to but at the end of the day, it really only ends up hurting you.

Share what you discover in the comments below!

To your authenticity,

Love, Christine

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