Why You Should Be Making Sure Your Needs are Being Met

Back porch tea time

A tea on the back porch.

That’s what I woke up thinking about. I don’t seem to spend enough time on my back porch lately even though it’s the perfect place for a relaxing read or a quiet nap. I’ve been working to make it a bit more comfortable by adding in some bright flowers and pillows and tea lights. I call it ‘gardening’ and my sisters call it ‘watering potted plants’ but I’m still proud of the bright colors greeting me as I come and go.

So there I was, having just sat down to take my first sip and I felt a drop of rain on my arm. “No way rain, you are NOT going to take this moment away from me!”. I could have given up and just gone back inside but I was determined. I had to think fast so I raced around locating my table umbrella and hastily cranked it up just as it started to pour.

At first, I thought to myself, ‘seriously? You are going to get soaked and there’s no way you can move until it’s stopped. This ‘getting your needs met thing has gone a little far’ And then just as it was down-pouring the hardest, I took a sip and started to relax. Mother Nature was having her way, freshening up the gardens, cleaning off my car and under this umbrella was the quiet need I thought of when I first woke up. I was following through, knowing how it would impact my day in a positive way.

In 2009, this was shared with me:

The Queen is strengthened or weakened by her relationship to her needs.

It was a powerful statement for me because we are so often fed that looking after our own needs is being selfish or self-centered. It’s quite the opposite:

When a woman looks after her own needs, she is actually able to give more of herself to others.

It may not make sense right away but try to think of it as a long-term investment in your day, week and in your life. You may not necessarily feel it in the moment when you are getting one of your needs met but later that day when a struggle or stressful situation comes up, you are just better prepared and more grounded.

I will be sharing more Queen work with you in future posts as it has had a tremendous impact on my own life and I know it will on yours. Incorporating Queen work into your daily life does not happen over night but little by little, we can strengthen our relationship to our own needs and not discount them.


Think of an example in your life where you sacrificed what you really wanted because it was just easier to do it another way. It could have been something that only affected you in the moment or it could be in a group environment where you went along with the decision to appear easy-going. Now decide for yourself how you are going to handle a similar situation in the future. Commit to adjusting a bit and experiencing what it’s like to stick to what you truly want. In no way am I suggesting Diva behavior – this is more about a woman getting in touch with her own individual desires.

I'd love to hear your thoughts so be sure to leave a comment below. :)

To your authenticity,

Love, Christine