Canmore and My Healing Places


The morning view I've been craving for months.

Hi Friends,

How were your holidays? I feel like I’m in slow motion, re-adjusting back into my routine. I discovered I am able to live entire days and weeks solely focused on either what I just ate or what I’m going to eat at the next meal. :)

I headed home to Calgary for the holidays this year as I wanted to welcome Christmas back into my life again. Last year was really hard with David being gone and I remember wishing I could skip the whole season altogether. I took things really easy this year and just focused on being with family and out in nature. Shortly after I booked my flight, I booked a condo in Canmore for 4 nights. This would ensure plenty of time in the gorgeous Canadian Rockies which I find so healing. Someone once said to me that when they are in the mountains, they feel so protected, almost like they are getting a hug. I like that.

Thinking back on my trip, there were definitely some highlights:

On New Year’s Eve, my eldest sister and I were determined to get into the outdoor hot tub at the condo we rented. So we donned our toques, grabbed our plastic cups and made our way to the tub surrounded by ice. My parents surprised us by joining us for a bit too! I love, love, love being in a hot tub outdoors looking up at the starry sky. It’s something a good friend of mine and I used to do all the time when we’d go skiing in Fernie.

Going hiking with my nephews up around Grassi Lakes. They are such a reminder that the world is a playground and you can make a game out of anything in any situation.

For NYE dinner, I made a reservation at one of my new favorite restaurants, Tapas in Canmore. Yum, Yum, I discovered this place with some good friends this past summer. It is sooo delicious. It’s so popular that when I made the NYE reservation back in October, I got one of the last spots! We ordered whatever we wanted and brought in the new year with well-satiated bellies.

Getting coffee from Beamers in Canmore. I don’t know what it is about their coffee but it always tastes so good. I make a beeline for their brews anytime I’m in town.

Back in Calgary, I tried to get a healthy start on the new year by going to my friend’s yoga studio called The Yoga Shala. She teaches an early morning self-practice called Mysore and I’ve been meaning to try it for years.  It was such a good decision and I was totally surprised by how good I felt afterwards. I say surprising because it was still so early in the morning once the class was over! We went for breakfast afterwards and it was so good to spend time with such good friends.

Do you have places in the world you like to go that you find ‘healing’? I’d love to hear your thoughts so be sure to leave a comment below.

To your authenticity,

Love, Christine

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